1. Moon Landing

From the recording Box & Whisper Plot


Gotta get up and around fear
All set up and the ground is clear
Don’t be afraid of the dark
Or such a long ride home

Gonna settle down here
For a one-eyed journey to the top of the sky
Fateful and small
We’ll be bound by it all

This moon landing lights the way
Back to another place
This moon landing rides away
Back for another day, back for another day

Without a tailwind
Or another planet’s gravity
I won’t tell a single soul
What’s bound us so heavily

Is it a racket of epic proportions
That will sink this mighty ship
And all those who sail in it
Will be waist deep in mud

This moon landing…

Why worry when the time comes
Overflowing with adrenalin
Fixed on the finer things
Will cause you to reach much higher

Don’t even try to explain
The point of it all
When you get there you’ll know
You still have a long way to go

This moon landing…